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  • Exclusive Premium-Only News: Exclusive, market moving news for Premium members only.
  • 50+ Actionable Trading Categories: News items sorted by topic. Some popular trading categories include: M&A, Hedge Funds News, FDA News, Trader Talk, Rumors, Momentum Movers, and Short Sales, among others.
  • Hot Lists: Premium's unique 'Hot Lists' give you the need-to-know news first. Not interested in going through a list of 40 upgrades to find the few that are meaningful?  We do the heavy lifting for you every day, fast and first.
  • Market Intelligence: There are many news services that can spit out headlines, but only Premium thinks like a trader.  We cover derivative plays, special situations, momentum plays, calendar plays and big picture ideas, among other items that can take your market intelligence to the next level.
  • Entity Tracker:  Track and be alerted to news and headlines on your favorite investor, broker or hedge fund.  Some popular follows are Warren Buffet, Carl Icahn, Bill Ackman, David Einhorn, Goldman Sachs among hundreds of others. (Are we not following them yet? Premium members can request the creation of a new entity to track)
  • Custom News Wire: Easily set-up your own custom newswire to see only news you want on your stocks, trading categories and entities.
  • Premium Only Research Tools: Enjoy premium-only research tools at portal pages Ratings Insider, M&A Insider, EPS Insider, Dividend Insider, IPO Insider, and Hedge Fund Insider.  Some of these features include M&A arbitrage tracker, takeover target list, biggest dividend hikes, top performing IPOs, recently priced IPOs, qtr-by-qtr hedge fund portfolio analysis.
  • iPhone/iPad/Android Apps: Get Premium on the go with our iPhone/iPad/Android apps; complete with live news feeds, premium categories and articles and in-app and mobile alerts.
  • Premium Squawk Box: Premium Squawk Box relays important headlines and news items in real-time from our virtual newsanchor.
  • Event-Driven Calendar Suite: Premium calendars include NDRs, Dividends, Earnings, Special Situations, Investor Conferences, IPOs, Merger Arb, Ratings and Stock Splits.

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